Juice Smoothie and Munchie Bar

Juice Cleanse

Juice cleanses eliminate waste and toxins, boost energy and immunity, increases metabolism and aids in weight loss. Improve your organs functions with our 7/ 12 oz juices per day programs. We typically do a 3 day cleanse but can accommodate any customer and there needs.

Prices are as follow:

1 day $42.00

3 day $125.00

7 day $290.00

14 day $580.00

30 day $1250.00 


*We need at lease 24 hour notice if signing up for a juice cleanse



Skinny Juice Cleanse

Our Skinny juice cleanse offers 6/8 oz juices per day. With this cleanse you can eat a lunch, preferably a vegetarian soup or salad.

Price is $165.00

*There are refunds for our juice cleanses. 

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